Tuesday, February 10, 2004

babies dear, i've moved.

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Friday, January 23, 2004

happy 21st birthday joycebooboo!


happy 18th birthday nabeel!

plans to attend joyce's dinner celebration was ruined.
thumbs up to the unpredictable showers of our supposedly
sunny region which delayed halim from meeting me earlier.

all dolled up and ready to leave, but the wait for halim's arrival dampened my mood.
from superduper hyper to just a tired gloomy expression on my face.
uh-huh. waiting makes me depressed.

finally the boy arrives at my house.
by then, joyce and the rest had headed down to cheekys and it was only 8pm!
and with the misguided info that there's no cover before 0830 some goondosamy told joyce, i managed to waste money on cab fare and still pay for cover...GREAT!

persuasions to make that little twerp halim club with us was unavail. but its alright, i love u all the same even though u wont do something for the sake of ur sister... pathetic. -_-

love mahen's jokes. just cant take it. chinatown giving free stuff and all. -lolz-
didnt quite like the idea of cheeky's but what the heck.
all was good. the usual old crowd. it was nice seeing them after so long.
namely mahen faisal angie nesh gillian francesca ryann kevin vik melissa tanya and etc.
the same old crowd was there. the same old kind of music.
but there wasnt that same old feeling anymore.
perhaps ive been away from the clubbing scene just a lil too long.
or perhaps not?

im not gonna be clubbing till my results are out.
maybe gracie's birthday will be an exception.

couple of unhappy events took place. well, as usual.
clubbing is taboo, the cause of all evil. and so is alcohol.
but like they say, tomorrow will be a better day.

the girls and i made a pact. to get wasted, apparently not for me.
oh well, i have to give all the credit to the german beer.
it beats the other liqours down flat...like totally! (haha, so bimbotic!)

once again we dominate the dancefloor.
enjoyed the retro and rock dance part the most.
joycey: haha. we should do it more often. so fun!
i love dancing to retro and rock!i feel crazy and estactic! groovy baby!
u can really feel urself letting go to that kind of music.

where can u turn to when ure low on your budget and u need to get tipsy and flying?
7-11 of course! our favourite patronising venue that nv lets us down. =)

not forgetting, there were very eventful memories from yesterday!
haha. the pissing in the dark alley (shall not disclose who due to fear of being grilled alive)
the squeezing of boobies and butts (we nv miss out on that on every clubbing night)
the sinful act of offering a non-smoker ciggs.
the showing of underwear to the girlfriends.

heh. thats about what takes place when im clubbing with my girls ;p
and oh, of course the bitching about some i-think-im-so-hot-i-walk-and-pretend-im-on-the-catwalk
person with a butt twice the size of her head.

left early with eug to some guy's place.
kelvin was there too. and so was my long-time eyecandy.
-senses butterflies in the tummy-
still as cute, but chubbier!
too bad the dude's already got a sweetheart.
but its okay, its always a-okay.

and so i gambled a little.
i was supposed to win 40bucks but won only 20 in the end.
but im satisfied. its better than nothing. plus its nv too good to be greedy.
was sleeping for a while.

had breakfast with the guys. headed home and here i am.
goshy, im dead tired.

have a jolly time urself people. with much love.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

woke up today with no intentions of getting out of bed early.
my yet again morbid dreams were then interrupted by a phone call.
the clock read 1255.

i sat on my bed, gazing out of the window, thinking how much life actually meant to me.
how much people would treasure me and how much i would too, for the latter.
the thoughts were all in reference to what my dream was about.
sure. im loving the way my life's working out.
but feels like im missing out on certain important bits here and there.

running away...from something i was too scared to face up.
the evil spirit in my dream that went ard possessing the people i cared most about.
its a representative of the hatred, greed, jealousy and etc. that draws a line between us.
i was slashed on the forehead once.
perhaps it meant that i was hurt in someway, physically or emotionally.
maybe i am hurt. just that im denying myself of those ugly emotions.
and then there's the dying pregnant dog with her fully-grown pup in her.
i tried to get the fetus out to make sure it died.
didnt quite catch the meaning of that. its really gruesome though.
too much of NEWBORN i guess.

maybe i had certain issues left unsolved for the day.
like they say, its always better to clear up those worrying thoughts for the day before retiring for the day, be it a small squabble or a huge fight.
pretty true i reckon.

i told him i was alright with the whole situation yada yada yada.
maybe i wasnt at all in the first place.
but i didnt mind making the sacrifices regardless how minimal the rewards were.
they still appeared as attractive to me.
perhaps its just another act of foolishness but it was certainly worth the try.

contradicting. that's him.
its got me all confused up there.

oh well, i shall give my mind some timeoff before the splitting headache is back.

anyways new year eve was well-spent.
its odd that i enjoyed working on the day itself.
there had so much fun yesterday.
the people were really determined on having a swell time.
it was good to see my manager smiling again.
met his wife and their kid. he's awfully cute, and terribly shy.

hope u guys had a fab time too. = )

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Monday, December 29, 2003

:::here to haunt me.
or just a blessing in disguise?

supper with mr.bitch was good.
the usual ranting about his silly antics.
he's like a little child trapped in this grownup's body.
so innocent and pure.
he speaks childlike and behaves so too.
perhaps it was his innocence that caught my attention.
im me when he's around.
no need for any conservation. just be comfortable.

he is a gentle soul.
gets u cracking up easily. he's of great use when ure feeling blue.
his words sound so genuine.
its not easy picturing him as this serious guy.
im always giggling away when he gives it a go at being stern.
so not him. try jovial then.

is this what i think it is?
the anxiety that it might be him when my phone rings.
the disappointment after a long wait for his reply.
the thrill on the day im meeting him or the excitement the hour before that.
the butterflies when our hands touch by accident.

its that familiar feeling. coming back into this listless life of mine.

hours of conversation. left me almost satisfied.
such a sweet person. why have i met him only now?

we had a private talk.
to reassure if the feelings are true.
its comforting to know that this isnt a one-sided thing afterall.
i feel this relief now that ive been honest with my emotions.
but i start to regret if it was appropriate to spell out what i feel so early.
maybe its a blessing in disguise. perhaps not.
there was no consideration about the responsibilities that came along for liking him.
or am i ready to just let go and make another sacrifice like i did in my previous relationship?

i dont see us proceeding that quickly.
i prefer to let time unwrap this mystery for me. and let nature take its own course.
enough for all the pondering now.
i'll leave this to fate then.

obviously simpang wasnt that great afterall.
caused me food poisoning.
or is it just the biryani? hmmm.
the pull in my tummy almost made me faint.
i figured Appendicitis felt just like this.
took some medication which took so damn long to take effect.
it was before night then the pain was finally gone.

at last i caught SCARY MOVIE 3.
it wasnt that bad though i had higher expectations.
oh well. but my time was well-spent with my dearest friend.
so no complaints whatsoever.
missed my cammie.
it was great spending time with u after so long =)

tonight will probably catch MONA LISA SMILE.
-crosses fingers-

what are your plans for NYE?
ive been questioned too many times.
me. no idea at all.
definitely not clubbing but alcohol will not be excluded.
or i'll just end up spending it with mr.bitch in any case.

hugs and kisses to my dearest DWAYNE.
im glad ure back sweety. jeez...i missed u heaps.
and yes, thanx for the vodka currant. heh.

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Friday, December 26, 2003

:::swell time of the year.

my x'mas that is.
the joy of giving.

i thank GOD for makin this one a special one.
friends and dear ones close to the heart.
hope u guys had a great urselves.

rather christmas eve in fact.
spent it with a rather special someone.
wore my 'i never say fabulous fabulous' dress.
hah. picked that line from satc.
it is simply too stunning for words.
goodness. not to mention it didnt cost a bomb.

dinner at marche's didnt go as planned.
i was looking forward to meeting the parents'.
well, solz's actually.
hmmm. we dated for a while but i never met then before.
but i was late so they couldnt wait.

so the guys had their dinner at marche's.
while me and my 'bitch' settled for My Noodle Bar.
read: bitch is his nickname.

met the guys at far east after.
it was really good seeing yeo and buzz aft all this time.
goshy. i missed them terribly.
we took pictures.
needless to say, darell spoiled it again. -_-
but the night was warm (not physically).

came the later part the guys left for solz's.
then bitch and i walked down orchard road.
it was amazing.
tons of people gathering together in the heart of the city.
with those wicked spray cans in their hands of course.
threatened by their powerful weapon, i had to use bitch as a shield.

ironically, the litte ones were the most dangerous.
they spared no one as they smirked at those who failed to escape the fountains of foam and strings.
but it was fun.
that familiar feeling of being a little girl once again.
not bothering how the grown-ups will look at u, just plain mischief.

every portion of the ground was literally littered with the xmas fuzzy warmth.
cheers and laughter filled the streets.
it was purely 'love is all around'.

i wished dad was around to enjoy every moment of it with me though.
but im sure he's happy up there.

this special christmas.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

this month's been a real blast for me.
credit of my dearest friends and family.

bintan was definitely a one-time experience.
u have to be there to really know whats it like to be treated right and understand the expression, relaxation.

so much for cynical thoughts bout things going wrong during the trip, nothing bad interrupted our spree.
the beach was awesome, the people friendly, hot waiters and babes, and not forgetting the alcohol.

had a couple of cocktails on that trip.
singapore sling, margaritas, bloody mary yada yada.
food was excellent (well, at the other resort).
everything was just right, only dad wasnt around to enjoy it with me.

there were a couple of embarrassing moments however.
the disruption. PERIOD.
u have to really be in my shoes to hate menses as much.
but all's good, as i seldom find it hard to accept all that awkwardness laying on the table =p

this trip has taught me a couple of things or two.
and my friendship with raihan was def deepened, in the right way i hope.

plans for my birthday were extremely rushy when i returned home.
it was 2 days away, and everything wasnt as organised as i expected.
im sorry to those if i wasnt a good host and screwed up everything.
hope u guys had fun, coz i did seeing everyone there with me on my special day.
thanx for the wine and pressies sweety ;p

didnt take enough pictures for remembrance though.

thanks to raihan, shaun, liang, doris and gracie for being such sweeties.

well, the only thing thats upsetting me badly is my tan.
my skin's peeling. how 'comforting'.
gonna slap on loads of moistureriser baby.
and yes i will try to upload the pics when i have the time.

oh, my lil bro was such a sweetheart. he got me a HUGE tigger soft toy. ;p

and i wont be in town again on friday.
going off to penange to visit my granny's ALONE.
hope i dont lose my way. im extremely bad with directions.
wish my luck.

im a year older now, hope wiser too ;p

ps: no matter how much u guys may upset me, u guys are always important to me. thanx for that wonderful friendship = )

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Sunday, November 23, 2003

:::like the old times, only happier.

i thought the plan on friday was to go clubbing.
surprisingly but fortunately, i didnt.

i met up with celestine instead aft realising i had to make a trip to sch the next day to collect my leaving cert. so clubbing wasnt very ideal.
bryan was there too. it really funny being around him, well if u guys know the story behind.
not exactly the person i thought he'd be =p
they had pool. met this two other guys, barren and casper.
they were funny. bryan and casper so reminded me of faisal.
one who looked like him (of course better looking. -no pun intended- ) and the other had silly antics like him.
we met douglas later on.
the guys wanted to club at zouk. but plans changed.

then celest bryan doug and me headed to chjimes instead.
it was really funny because celest and i had salads and they came in super tiny servings. haha.
we had beer and wine. it was nice.
here's the bad news. im getting addicted to wine ya....

it was nice sharing our views and opinions, and yes our fair share of bitching. ;p
it was indeed pleasant. quite a while since i really HANGED OUT with friends.
the only 'hang outs' i had were shopping, movies and clubbing. nothing of much significance.

i had a great time. thanks celest =)

the shocking thing is, we ended up in boat quay. NOT hendrix mind u people.
we were at actors, drinking again. but it was all good.
took some nice pictures here and there.
met the exbf. not the one who bastard me.
in the end i stayed over at celest's and obviously missed school.
but all's good ya.

the next day i was at zouk with doris and her friends.
it wasnt that bad though.
the music was a lil off at the start then things started picking up and i had fun ;p
i saw C.U.T.E guys. -yummy-

i shall upload pictures up soon ya.

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